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Heat Blower

Heat Blower

Description THAN-240-2KW Adjustable thermostat control Overheat Protection With Fan With Handle Free Standing or wall mounted Protected against water read more
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Pneumatic Motor

Pneumatic Motor

Description Pneumatic motor (Air motor) or compressed air engine is a type of motor which does mechanical  work by expanding compressed air. Pneumatic motors generally convert the compressed air energy to mechanical work through either linear or rotary motion.Linear motion can come from either a diaphragm or piston actuator, while rotary motion is supplied by either a vane type air motor, piston air motor , air turbine or gear type motor. read more
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Wall Fan

Wall Fan

Description Application for wall fan Recreational and leisure areas – Outdoor  cafes, Hotels, Theme parks, Shopping centre Industry – where equipment generate immerse heat Public area – Petrol station, Bus terminals , walkways, School halls Any other area/event which requires cooling relief read more
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Centrifugal In-line Fan

Centrifugal In-line Fan

Description In-line fans are directly connected to duct line therefore it is compact and simple to install. It can be used for the purpose of supply and discharge of air and it can be installed in any angle depending on position of duct. read more
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About Us

TGA Fan 'Your Trusted Company' TGA was established in 2016. We are an engineering based company specializing in design, manufacturing and sale of quality air handling products. Our fabrication is supported by the latest fan engineering technology of United States of America.The production is also supported by latest fan manufacturing technology in-house dynamic balancing and sound level measurement are carried out by QC personnel before delivery. MANUFACTURER & SUPPLY Axia Flow, Bifurcated and Belt Drive Axial Fan Smoke spill Fan All Range of Centrifugal Fan Propeller, Axial Propeller and industrial Exhaust Fan Roof Ventilator and Chimney Extractor Fan Parts- Fan blades and Wheels   PRODUCT RANGE     ATTENUATOR     DOMESTIC FAN     AXIAL FAN     IN-LINE FAN     CENTRIFUGAL FAN     ROOF FAN read more
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Axial Roof Ventilators
Turbine Ventilator
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Axial Fan Silencers

Axial Fan Silencers

Description Axial fan silencers are used in a great variety of systems in both industrial and commercial applications. They are specifically designed to complement the airflow profile of axial fans.Acoustical elements are aerodynamically matched to key fan parameters in order to minimize system effects and maximize energy savings.Axial fan silencers are available to fit all fan sizes, with materials of construction suitable to the system type, fan size and typically higher velocities of these fan types. Available options include dissipative media filled, media filled with film liner , and No-Media designs. Typical applications are on the inlet or outlet of axial fans in return air, exhaust air, and smoke exhaust installations, air handling units, tunnel ventilation installations and air recirculation systems. read more
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